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Author : Andrew Alexander

Flowing surfaces without plugins!

Right click on the new shape and choose “Flip Along… -> Component’s Red” (or Green depending on how your model is oriented)

Flowing surfaces without plugins

When you move the shapes together, the edges to fit perfectly.

If you see any of the following on your model, it means that at some point in the process you either scaled incorrectly, or you accidentally changes one half and not the other.

Flowing surfaces without plugins

Once done correctly, you should see this:

Flowing surfaces without plugins

Select the whole model again, and open up the Soften Edges dialog again, and smooth the new edge. For this, make sure the “Soften coplanar” option is selected

The basic shape is done!

Flowing surfaces without plugins

Now you can further add things like windows, by tracing the line drawings, extruding and moving the shapes so they intersect the shuttle at the correct places. Like this:

Flowing surfaces without plugins

Right click on the hull and choose “Intersect face… -> With model”. Now when you delete the shapes you just created, you will be left with the shapes “stamped” onto the curved hull.

From here you can use the paint bucket to colour the windows separately from the rest of the cockpit. Using this method, you can complete the rest of the cockpit. I’ve developed this one a bit further:

Flowing surfaces without plugins

Now that you know this method, the only limit is your imagination!

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